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Patients who look healthy may have hidden Risks. New Technologies help uncover hidden risk.

The Big Picture…

It is a good start but should always be combined with advanced testing to unveil a more accurate picture of your total health. Lipoprotein Particles is an advanced test that reveals levels of good and bad cholesterol particles. And is a better predictor of risk than traditional lipid profiles alone. Inflammation of the blood vessels may lead to plaque rupture, ultimately resulting in a heart attack or stroke. Early detection of strain or other damage to your heart muscle can lead to more appropriate treatments.

It's not just about LDL-C, HDL-C and Triglycerides. Lipoprotein Particles make the difference.

Your Doctor uses these tests to determine the best treatment for you. Your blood work results will be sent to your doctor in duplicate. This makes it easy for you to track and take charge of your health records.

Know that it's important to take medications as prescribed. It's equally important to retest so you can confirm that you are on the right path. For most patients, a follow-up test is recommended three to six months after initial testing.

Metabolic tests will help with early detection of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, which may reduce or eliminate a need for insulin.

HS-Omega-3 Index: High levels of these nutrients in the diet can improve cardiovascular health and cognitive function while also alleviating depression.

Cardiovascular exercise, medications, diet/lifestyle changes, and dietary supplements may be prescribed and/or recommended.

Genetics tests reveal increased risk for heart attack, strokes and Alzheimer's disease and can predict how your body will respond to dietary fat, alcohol, exercise, and certain medications.

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